2019 / Piccole Dolomiti, Italy / 120 sec.

About Respect



1° prize Canon Young Photographers Award 2019


IT Spesso le realtà più ovvie e importanti sono le più difficili da capire e da raccontare. Questa è una storia che parla di amicizia, di rispetto e di natura e di tempo.

EN I decided to tell this story because I’d like to get people inspired by it, but at the same time I was worried about the reaction they could have. Often the most obvoius and important realities are the most difficult to understand and to tell about. When people asked me “why”, I could only tell a sad story so I wasn’t able to answer. So far I don’t have an answer. Maybe I only wanted to stop people for 2 minutes e in the meanwhile let them think about friendship, respect, nature. Maybe, in those two minutes I wanted to add more and more arguments reflecting about the fact that when we are young we are encouraged to follow the things but never to follow the time. Once adults, we find difficult to link the time or, better, the free time to nature and animals. I think we need to get an environment education. So, this is a story that tells about nature, friendship, time. When I decided to tell it I wasn’t just worried about people reaction but people misunderstanding about the importance of the education and the value of the time.



Written, directed and edited: Alberto Ferretto
Starring: Stefano Cogo
Color Correction: Claudio Beltrami
Staff: Giovanni, Alvin, Fabio, Leo, La porta dei Berici.
2019 / Piccole Dolomiti, Italy / 120 sec.